Use Emerging Technologies to Stand out in the mail

Integrating a strategic technology-driven extension is more than just a trend in direct marketing. It can be a game-changer. Applications such as Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Voice Assistant, Near Field Communication, or Video enable your mail to captivate your audience for a longer period, making for a more memorable brand experience that can expand the campaign’s reach. Most important, it can drive greater response.

Augmented Reality (AR) adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. AR is more than QR codes. AR both heightens engagement with a mail piece and links it directly to the online channel to extend the sales process.

Use your mobile device camera to SCAN the QR codes

Now, the USPS has made this even more enticing with the Emerging Technology and Mobile Shopping postal discount incentive which runs between May 1st — November 30th. This promotion provides a 3-4% discount depending on the complexity of the technology. This year, the USPS combined Emerging Technology and Mobile Shopping, which is different from years past. There are very specific requirements to qualify and the SPC team is equipped to check all the boxes while developing the strategy and executing a campaign. Ultimately, the savings really can make a difference to your bottom line.

Six innovative technologies qualify for this promotion. These technologies can be used to boost your brand awareness, show off product features, highlight key information, send an irresistible offer, or engage with your customers in new ways. The experts at SPC can walk you through how to utilize these technologies to enhance your direct mail campaigns. These technologies include:

• Enhanced Augmented Reality

• Basic Integration with Voice Assistant

• Video-in-Print Technology

• Advanced Integration with Voice Assistant

• Near Field Communications

• Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality

One of the more exciting technologies that can be implemented is Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality. This is a great solution for a wide range of industries and can make for a truly breakthrough brand experience. Scan the QR Code and see the video of this fun and engaging example.

By using any of the USPS marketing mail promotions listed below, you can get 3%-6% off your postage cost. As a reminder, you cannot qualify for more than one promotion at a time. However, you can segment your mailing audiences and test different techniques to see what delivers a bigger response. Read our latest blog Ask Randy Live Session Recap to get more details about the USPS approval process and other questions.

Contact your SPC Sales Rep to learn how you can take full advantage of these promotions and discounts.

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