Take a Fresh Look at Adding Dynamic Maps in Direct Mail

With insights from map expert Randy Hardy from LOCR

Dynamic map applications in direct mail campaigns are transforming the way marketers provide relevant and useful content to consumers. 

Today’s marketers realize success through highly personalized direct mail. Adding data-driven maps to direct mail elevates personalization giving consumers precise routing from their exact address to a brand’s closest location(s). Maps can be custom-built for each recipient. These personalized communications drive higher engagement and response rates.

Randy Hardy from LOCR explains “Being able to visualize a route to the company’s location alongside an offer will motivate more customers to visit the store. This works for companies from all industries. We have seen campaigns with as much as 25% response rates. Additionally, adding dynamic maps qualifies for the USPS incentive discounts, so the postal savings often exceed the cost of our services…it’s a powerful combination.” LOCR recently launched locrFINDER which leverages location-based data to provide instant routes and additional locations via a QR Code included on a direct mail piece.

Consider the following when incorporating dynamic maps into your direct mail campaign:

  • Make sure the map is big enough to be impactful.
  • Place anywhere on a mail piece, even the outer envelope.
  • Consider showing multiple locations in a targeted area
  • When applicable, provide locations of related services, for example, in conjunction with a primary care physician, include the nearest walk-in clinic and a hospital.
  • Incorporate a targeted list of the most likely to respond to keep costs down.

Here are some examples of incorporating personalized maps into your direct mail campaign –

Dynamic maps are a smart, highly personalized addition to direct mail campaigns. They’re innovative and can drive your campaigns to the next level of success.

If you’re interested in including dynamic maps in your upcoming mail campaign, contact your SPC representative.

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