2024 Mail Growth Incentives

For existing mail marketers, the USPS has great news! The USPS has introduced its biggest incentive to date. Eligible mailers can receive a credit of up to 30% on incremental mail volume over last year. Registration for the First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail Growth Incentives begins November 29th, 2023.

The Details

Both First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail Growth Incentives will provide eligible mailers a credit on additional mail volume over the previous year. Nonprofit mailers are also eligible to participate.

Your baseline is determined from the USPS fiscal year, year period from 10/1/22 – 9/30/23. To qualify, mailers must have a minimum volume of 1 million pieces and grow mail volume above their baseline during the performance period (Jan-Dec 2024)

For example, your agreed upon mail volume baseline with the USPS is established as 5 million pieces, the total volume mailed during the timeframe of 10/1/22-9/30/23.  If you were to mail 6 million pieces during the performance period (Calendar year 2024), you would receive a 30% discount on the postage for the incremental 1 million pieces.

Important Dates

Baseline Period: October 2022-September 2023 (FY2023)

Registration Period: November 2023 –June 2024

Incentive Performance Period: January 2024 –December 2024

Who is Eligible

Qualifying volumes for the First-Class Mail Incentive include:

  • Presort Letters
  • Presort Cards
  • Presort Flats

Qualifying volumes for the Marketing Mail Incentive include:

  • Marketing Mail Saturation Letters and Flats
  • Marketing Mail High Density Letters and Flats
  • Marketing Mail Letters and Flats
  • Marketing Mail Carrier Route 
  • Marketing Mail Parcels and Saturation Parcels

Enrollment Steps

  1. Register in the Mailing Promotions Portal
    • Use Business Customer Gateway (BCG) credentials to access the portal. 
  2. Click on Mailing Services
  3. Scroll down to Mailing Promotions Portal
  4. Click on “Submit Promotion/Incentive” from the Mailing Promotions Portal Landing Page
  5. Select First-Class or Marketing Mail Growth Incentive
  6. Complete the access form and click “Submit”
  7. Open Incentive Services Request in the tab “My promotions/Incentives
  8. View Baseline and Select Agree or Disagree
    • USPS and mail owner must agree on baseline volume.
    • If you disagree, you must initiate a dispute in the portal with detailed info.

Follow the USPS’ detailed instructions to help you through the process.  

How and When to Apply Credits

First-Class mail growth incentive postage credits issued can only be used on future First-Class Mail mailings. Likewise, Marketing Mail Growth postage credits can be used only for Marketing Mail mailings. 

Once you exceed your annual threshold, the postage credit can be applied to mailing statements immediately after they are agreed to and issued to a permit. Postage credits will be issued after June 2024, September 2024, and December 2024. You can apply the credit to the account you identify then utilize the credits in future mailings.

Here’s more good news: When you claim your credits, you can still claim a promotional discount on the same statement, adding to your savings.

Any Mail Growth Incentive postage credits earned will expire after December 31st, 2025. SPC encourages our clients to take advantage of the biggest incentive offered by the USPS to date. Contact your SPC rep for help building a strategic plan to help you.

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