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John Gebhardt is an expert when it comes to prepress technology and software. As SPC’s Prepress Manager, John has been with us for 17 years now and continues to be an important asset to the SPC family.

The Breakdown: What is it?

Kodak InSite is a prepress portal that allows web access for proofing files using the Kodak Prinergy Workflow. By using InSite, our customers, account managers and prepress operators have the ability to work together seamlessly, access their high-resolution print ready PDF files, review and annotate them, and approve or reject them. The customer’s team is assigned username and password credentials to be granted remote access to each job, which enhances security and optimizes collaborative efforts. The review process allows for an unlimited number of people to be added.

A glimpse of the InSite interface. This shows a print-ready PDF available for viewing on any of the active participants’ desktops.

How Does it Work?

InSite allows for simple proofing, accelerated approvals, and efficient collaboration. First, as soon as SPC receives customer files, we create a unique job number, open the job in Prinergy and simply turn InSite on by clicking “Enable Web Access.” Then, InSite collects a customer’s name and email address, but only in order to keep them informed of any updates that concern their job. Once a job has been opened by a qualified SPC employee, InSite automatically sends an email to all permission-based users to tell them the job has been opened.

As soon as a job is submitted into the workflow, the preflight process can begin immediately. An SPC employee is able to check for potential errors in the files and will alert all parties involved. Approval is asked through InSite, sending an email to the customers for file review. With this capability, corrections can be made in an efficient fashion to minimize wait times and lost files.

In a collaborative effort, customers and SPC employees alike can comment on a file, make markups, suggest changes and approve, modify or reject files. It’s a simple, seamless process done through one centralized location in real time.

The Advantages of Online Proofing

The side tool bar while woring in InSite. You can view color separations, follow annotations and send chats to participants.

There are many advantages to implementing Kodak InSite into your proofing workflow including the accessibility of press-ready files and tracking progress efficiently. There’s no need for FTP sites, file transfer web servers, file compressions, low resolution exchanges or any other steps that can impact the accuracy of the proof. With InSite, a customer is seeing the file that is actually going to press as a high-resolution image. The final PDF sent to print is what’s being approved or rejected by the customer. Everyone involved with the project on both sides can access and review the same file in an integrated and collaborative way. All comments, modifications and approvals are stored and become a permanent record for potential future reference.

Let’s also not forget about the hands-on capabilities that InSite offers. The application is able to provide real-time progress tracking with notifications, chatting, and approvals. Because the print-ready files are accessible online, it can eliminate any miscommunication and create a collaborative work environment. InSite is one of many tools that make working with SPC a true partnership.

“It’s understandable that new applications can be uncomfortable at first, but we’re confident that Kodak InSite provides you with the convenience and security you need to take your proofing process to the next level.”

– John Gebhardt, SPC Prepress Manager

The Takeaway

Kodak InSite is a great tool that every customer should consider implementing. It streamlines reviews and approvals into one location and accelerates the entire approval process.

Contact your SPC representative today to see how you can get started on InSite for your next Direct Mail campaign.


John Gebhardt
Prepress Manager

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