If you sell products, the right fulfillment resource is critical to maintaining happy customers. Most companies initially consider building an in-house operation, but using a fulfillment partner is often the smarter choice.

Below are 7 Great Reasons Why Using a Partner Makes More Sense

  1. Using an outside partner allows you to FOCUS ON YOUR CORE COMPETENCIES. You know what you do well. You have gotten to where you are because you excel at product development, sales, marketing, and knowing the best places for your products to be seen. Forming a relationship with a fulfillment center will allow you to spend your time, energy, and industry knowledge wisely.
  2. BETTER SHIPPING RATES. There are several ways to ship products. This essentially depends on the size and weight of the packages. The best fulfillment services use cutting-edge technology and know the best and most economical ways to package and ship. In addition, they have already negotiated discounts with the major carriers based upon collective shipping volumes.
  3. The better fulfillment services have TECHNOLOGY TO DIRECTLY CONNECT WITH YOUR SHOPPING CART like Shopify, Big Commerce, and Commerce hub. This technology also supports real-time access to shipping, tracking, ordering, and inventory. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips anytime you need it.
  4. SAME-DAY SERVICE. 24-hour shipping is quickly becoming the new customer expectation. Even if you use Amazon to help sell your products, you still need to have other shipping sources for other customers to see. Most good fulfillment centers are built to keep up with 24-hour order processing.
  5. SEASONAL & PROMOTIONAL TUNING. Outsourcing your fulfillment allows you to maintain flexibility for seasonal peaks and valleys and sales or promotional cycles. Why maintain the cost of internal resources when you could direct that expense elsewhere? With the right fulfillment service, you have unlimited flexibility.
  6. COMPLEX ORDER PROCESSING. Sell your products in multiples or with special offers even when you buy them in bulk. All great fulfillment centers offer packing, printing, imaging, and of course, kitting. These services will allow you to create the product offer combinations that your customers are looking for. The right fulfillment centers have experience handling custom orders, even if they involve special kitting or packaging.
  7. LOCATE YOUR OFFICE ANYWHERE WITHOUT THE BURDEN OF MAINTAINING A WAREHOUSE. Using a fulfillment partner frees you up to set up your office anywhere that makes the most sense to you, even the beach! You are not limited to larger cities or convenient shipping zones. That’s your fulfillment partner’s job!

Find the right fulfillment partner and give your business every advantage for success!

Hal Cohen
Fulfillment Specialist

Hal Cohen helps lead SPC’s recently expanded product fulfillment center. Using cutting edge technology and streamlined processes, SPC can handle programs of any size or complexity. For more information, visit https://specialtyprintcomm.com/dynamic-fulfillment-center.

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