• Real-time, state of the art fulfillment technology portal, allows clients to keep a pulse on their customer order activity.
  • Fully secured and gated pick-pack & inventory storage.
  • Integrated variable print technologies to personalize each package.
  • In-house customer service representative acting as their eyes and ears in the Dynamic Fulfillment Center.



Fulfillment and Warehouse Capabilities:


Selling products and receiving orders from companies that sell on the internet requires great technology. Whether it be a shopping cart, ERP, Marketplace or EDI, SPC has bulletproof API’s for most major technologies:

  • Shopify
  • Quickbooks
  • Woo Commerce     
  • Sellbrite
  • Amazon
  • Commerce Hub
  • Walmart
  • and more

Centralized in Illinois

All inventory is warehoused in our temperature and access controlled environment in Niles IL, just outside of Chicago. Our personnel are trained to provide the highest in industry standards for on-time fulfillment processing for both execution and accuracy.


Fulfillment for Products & Literature

Your orders are transmitted to our pick and pack department seamlessly though our API connections and ship the same day or next day. Each order status is visible to our clients through the order and inventory management system with over 99% accuracy setting the bar for the highest standards in the industry.

Personalized Kitting

In many cases, companies create a pre-defined group of products or elements designed to be sold or packaged together, also known as a “kit”. It’s a great way to introduce a variety products in a uniquely created package.


Subscription Boxes

Subscription box services provide their customers with a new group of products each and every month. SPC has a special department that  identifies our customer’s needs to create or build or kit these groups, offerings or subscription boxes. We can simultaneously personalize each package for a unique end-user opening experience.

Shipping and Discounts

In today’s market place, many online sellers offer free shipping, however we all know it’s really not free. The goal is obtaining favorable shipping rates. After 25 years of business and millions of units being shipped or mailed, SPC has aligned itself with all major carriers and has the technology and relationships to allow us to pass on terrific discounts along with daily pickups from our nation’s largest shipping carriers. 

Put the Dynamic Fulfillment Center to work for your brand today.

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