The Most Valuable Summer of my Life

My internship at Specialty Print Communications made the summer of 2016 the most valuable experience of my life. SPC housed me in a furnished apartment that was right in downtown Evanston, only a 15-minute commute to the office. Not only did SPC provide my housing, but they also showed me an amazing summer around the beautiful city of Chicago. Various employees from the company took me out on nights in the city to Cubs games, comedy shows, Shedd Aquarium, and concerts. It was also very easy to connect with the other employees of SPC because of how helpful they all were. This was important to me because it showed me the culture of SPC.

Not only was the social aspect of this internship amazing, but the structure of the program was laid out perfectly. I was able to rotate throughout the entire company and spend time with every single department. In the last month, I got to spend time in my favorite department: Account Management. In every department I went in, I was doing real work with a real job, which is the best way to learn because it makes everything meaningful. I have always found that real life experience is much more helpful and teaches me a lot more than someone simply explaining a job to me. If I ever had a question, I knew that any person I asked at SPC would answer it, and if they couldn’t they would bring me to the person who could.

On my last day at SPC, I was offered a full-time position as an Account Manager, which I eagerly accepted. The warm culture of the people, the type of customers, and my experiences all influenced me to say yes. I am glad that I chose to go with SPC and I am looking forward to my start date in June! Keep an eye out for my next installment about my experiences in the real world at SPC!

Dalton Bryant
Summer 2016 SPC Intern and starting full time June 2017

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