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A breakdown of the USPS’s new Retargeting promotion

The USPS is introducing a new incentive this year called Retargeting, active from September 1st through November 30th. This promotion gets your message to the right person at the right time by sending a postcard to a recent website or mobile app visitor who didn’t convert. Not only will you reengage active buyers, but you will also earn 5% off your postage cost.

Reengage Your Online Visitors

In our fast-paced, over-stimulated world, it’s no surprise people can get easily distracted. A prospect can be seconds away from checking out their online cart and their phone rings, pulling them away from the transaction. Retargeting allows your company to follow up on these missed connections with a physical reminder. This promotion enables you to refocus attention and interest. By sending a postcard in a timely manner, you can prompt buyers to complete their purchases. This automated service encourages them to act while your brand is still top of mind.

Retargeting is triggered automatically when a buyer engages on your website. Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • An online visitor is browsing your website and doesn’t make a purchase or is repeatedly clicking on the same product/page.
  • The visitor could even be a step further and have abandoned items in their online cart
  • Started but never submitted an online form
  • Signed up for text alerts or subscribed to your newsletter

After the interaction takes place, we match the visitor’s IP address to the physical address. Once this information is captured, a direct mail postcard is delivered within days.  

Ways to Reconnect

There are many ways to shift your distracted online visitor’s focus back to your brand’s offerings. For example:

  • A personalized postcard with a coupon code encouraging them to go back online and complete their purchase
  • Displaying the latest trends within a product line
  • Showing a product line based on the visitor’s page interest
  • Reminding potential buyers what they’ve left behind
  • Encouraging someone to resume filling out an online form

Timely postcards can urge action and simplify the decision-making process, ultimately leading buyers toward making a purchase. But let’s say an online visitor already made a purchase is the job done? Retargeting not only can close the sale, but it builds brand awareness and creates a seamless online-offline interaction. SPC recommends using this strategy for post-purchase postcards as well to build customer loyalty.

  • Offering a discount on their next purchase
  • Upsell products that complement their recent transaction
  • Describe your rewards program – let your customers know the advantages and potential savings by joining and earning rewards
  • Simply send a thank you note, while featuring similar products

Key Takeaways

The USPS Retargeting promotion incentivizes marketers to send timely personalized mail to customers based on their specific actions online. Receive 5% off your postage from September 1st to November 30th. In addition to retargeting with a single postcard campaign to these targeted prospects, brands can use this strategy of tracking and collecting first-party data to increase their customer base.

SPCFuel is uniquely able to build out your retargeting program from start to finish. We will also take care of submitting your mailing to the USPS for approval.

Retargeted direct mail can be a powerful tool by combining digital marketing and direct mail. A well-rounded marketing strategy can lead to increased brand recognition, higher consumer engagement, and ultimately, higher sales.

Contact your SPC Sales rep to discuss adding retargeting mail to your direct response marketing strategy.

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