Our Q&A with Alex Crohn

The newest member of our SPC team is Alex Crohn, who just joined SPC as VP of Strategic Accounts. Alex previously worked at Sandy Alexander and spent more than a decade at Fiserv, focusing on loyalty direct mail programs. We thought it would be fun to put him on the spot with a few questions about moving to SPC and his thoughts on our ever-changing industry.

SPC: What is your formerly-outsider’s perspective on SPC? 

AC: After nearly thirty years in sales, marketing and management roles in the direct marketing industry, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in and assess the industry’s past and its plans for future growth. SPC is an organization that has flown under the radar and is well-poised to become more visible in the years ahead. The industry is crowded with copycat players that offer similar value propositions and production services to a series of targeted markets. I see SPC as being different.

What excited you enough to make the move to SPC? Now what is it like being part of the team?

SPC has structured its value proposition to target new business opportunities that understand the value of tailoring messages, images and package components to their customer base in a one-to-one delivery that will yield greater response and loyalty. I’m finding that this is a great team that understands opportunities when they see them, and I’m excited to join a group of like-minded people.

How do you believe SPC is primed for the future?

As we move deeper into the 21st century, SPC needs to continue on its current path. We need to keep investing in the latest technology to produce cutting-edge deliverables, while never losing the perspective that the client is always first.

What are you hoping to bring to SPC?

I have always looked at closing new business as being the natural outcome of being viewed by the client as “an extension of their marketing team”. Consultative selling focuses on value and not price. I joined SPC because I believe that my experience is a good “fit” for the focus SPC is taking to market.

What are your thoughts on where the industry is today? What are the challenges?

There has been talk for many years that direct mail marketing is a dying industry and the future lies in “e” and mobile communications. Studies continue to show that this vision is premature. Companies that recognize these changes in communication streams and can integrate direct mail into the mix will be poised to meet challenges posed by these changes head on, and will succeed and grow. SPC is one and I am excited to join the team.


Alex Crohn
VP of Strategic Accounts

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