The Paper Market Unfolded: Q2 2021 Overview

Marketers across the U.S. are feeling the effects of a struggling global paper market.

Supply is currently a huge problem. Not all marketers will get the paper they need for Q3 and Q4 without planning ahead. Lead times have gone from 3-5 weeks to 10-12+ weeks as paper mills are sold out through August.

Prices continue to increase. Just this week, Verso pricing increased 4 – 7% for certain premium coated papers. We believe Verso and other mills will announce an increase on all coated papers, not just premium coated papers, in Q3 or even sooner.

Diminished global production, combined with the increased demand as a result of economic recovery from the pandemic, has put unprecedented pressure on domestic sources and distribution.

Certain papers may not be produced as mills struggle with capacity. Your SPC rep will work with you to check on the specific stock you are looking for and will proactively recommend alternative options when necessary.

Don’t expect a stabilized paper market until Q1 2022.

SPC has strong mill and merchant relationships based upon our purchasing power, excellent continued payment terms, and mill relationships for domestic and international paper.  There is no magic pill to solve the availability and price issues. We recommend planning ahead and consulting with SPC to understand your best options.

Volunteer to join the Paper Advisory Committee. SPC is working with Verso to create an Advisory Committee to connect decision makers at paper mills with marketing and print decision makers.

If you’d like to volunteer to be on this committee, email  

SPC is ready to work with you to minimize the impact of this crisis. We will be reaching out to strategize with you.

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