Harper College Students

8-Week Summer 2021 Recap

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, SPC continued its commitment to give college students a hands-on look at the world of marketing and direct mail production. This summer marks the second time we hosted Harper College Students studying graphic arts, design and print.

 We asked two students, Christopher D. (CD) and Cristy S. (CS), to provide a recap of their time at SPC.

What inspired you to go down the path you have taken at Harper College?

CD: I’m a huge art fan so it was a natural fit to focus on print/graphic design studies at Harper.

CS: When my I.T. job was moved out of state, I decided that it was time to change career paths. Graphic Design combines my artistic tendencies with my project management experience.

What have you learned during your time at SPC?

CD: Being immersed in the mail production process and sitting in with the Prepress department gave me a deeper understanding of working files and how to properly prep them for press. I’ve also learned how a project efficiently moves from department to department.

CS: I have learned so much from this experience. Sitting with each department gave me an appreciation of how much is involved at each step. There are a lot of decisions being made that affect downstream processes. One job that really stuck with me is a certain piece that used a raised varnish. It’s fascinating how details like that impact the printing, folding, etc—it’s something I wouldn’t have considered before.

What was your favorite area (department) at SPC?

CD: My two favorites would have to be the Prepress department with John Gebhardt and the Data department with Scott Trefilik. Both John and Scott shared a lot of useful information on workflows, software, and the overall systems for a job to be successful. Plus they were fun and cool guys to learn from.

CS: I liked Account Management because they interact with so many different areas of the company. Prepress was probably my favorite—working with the actual files, art, layout, etc… that’s what I really enjoy.

What are your hobbies/passions?

CD: Drawing, 3-D, animations, designing, working out, running, video games, spending time with friends and family, and more!

CS: I love making pottery, taking photographs, quilting and bird watching.

What other type of work, if any, have you done to prepare for your career?

CD: Currently, I work for a die-engraving company as a production artist.

CS: I’ve spent 25 years working various roles in Information Technology from application developer to financials to project management.

On top of this educational partnership, SPC also works with students by hosting internship and apprenticeship programs. We look forward to resuming these programs in the summer of 2022.

For more information about SPC, please contact Ryan LeFebvre at ryanl@specialtyprintcomm.com.

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