Expanding Our Own Boundaries

Why on Earth would anyone ever climb a fifty foot telephone pole only to step off and zip-line back down to terra firma? Why were we scheduled for yoga and mindful relationship classes? How does scraping the dirt off the bottom of a horse’s hoof possibly help us take responsibility for our own actions? Wasn’t our annual SPC President’s Club’s trip supposed to be a well-earned reward and relaxing vacation?

I quickly learned that I wasn’t the only one having these thoughts. My fellow President’s Club Sales winners, along with their spouses, all wondered the same thing while we visited the Miraval Resort in Tucson, AZ, where they say life is exquisitely balanced between desert, warm skies and mountains. Yes, it was certainly a relaxing time away from the office, our cell phones, and our laptops. But it was much more than that. It was a reminder of how rewarding it is when we reach beyond the familiar and what we already know.

We’ve Got Your Back

SPC President, Adam LeFebvre, likes to quote an inspirational message from author Joyce Meyer: “We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.” We found out that stepping out of our comfort zones to face those obstacles is easier when you have a strong team behind you. This is how we approached each event during our stay, and that method reflects the work environment we foster at SPC. These weren’t the typical team building exercises where everyone sits around singing kumbaya. The “team” didn’t help any one of us climb that damn pole. Each person was responsible for his or her own actions, while still knowing that no matter what happened next, each of us would be supported by the group. Our larger team provided the needed assurance that the reward was greater than the risk.

Can Salespeople EVER Relax?

Seriously. Put seven sales pros in a salsa making contest and you’ll have the recipe for some intense competition! During our final night’s festivities, it was finally time to unwind…or so we thought. Our host divided the group into three teams, pitting salespeople against their spouses and other co-workers. Bill Mattran, head chef of the winning team put it best, “The competition was fierce as cilantro, and insults were flying!” Sombreros off to Bill and his team!

Learning to Let Go

Abandoning old ways and reaching for the unknown is sometimes a difficult thing to do in the direct mail marketing industry, with its ongoing and frequent challenges. Over the past several years, SPC has had its fair share. In spite of those challenges, we have continued to increase our sales year over year and grown our business exponentially. This growth is largely due to our willingness to expand beyond our boundaries to meet the needs and expectations of our most precious resource…our clients.


Rod Clements
Strategic Accounts Executive

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