Another Award-Winning Year for SPC

At SPC, success is measured by how well we help our customers connect more powerfully with their marketing audiences. But it’s also nice to have our direct mail work recognized by the print industry and our peers.

For 20 years, the Great Lakes Graphic Association (GLGA) has recognized standout achievements in printing in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, for “superb craftsmanship in the design, creation and production of printed material they produce for their customers.” Their Graphics Excellence Awards are the best of the best in our industry, and we’re proud and privileged to be a recipient of so many this year.

Award entrants include printers, design firms, ad agencies, in-plant printing operations, and students. Entries are judged by industry experts and rated on technical expertise, print quality, design, and overall graphic appeal.

We’re happy to announce that this year, SPC has taken home 27 awards in a variety of different categories! This is an affirmation of our exceptional capabilities, the hard work of our team, and our overarching commitment to partnering with customers to produce the best direct mail in the industry. Here is a comprehensive list of our awarded entries:

Our Best of Category Winners (5)

This award is known as the Gutenberg, presented to the most outstanding entry in each category, and each of these pieces will go on to compete in the national Benny awards. SPC won for pieces it submitted in the following categories:

  • Product Catalogs—4 or more colors
  • Variable Data Digital Printing
  • Single Promotional Self-Mailer
  • Other Special Finishing, Binding, and/or Folding Techniques
  • Magazine Inserts

Our Best of Division Winners (2)

SPC competes in Division 5 (printers with more than 250 employees). SPC was a Division Winner for pieces it entered in the following categories:

  • Invitations—4 or more colors
  • Product Catalogs—4 or more colors

The Best of Category and Best of Division awards will be presented in-person at the GEA (Graphics Excellence Awards) celebrations on May 22nd, simultaneously in Addison, IL and Milwaukee, WI.

Our Awards of Excellence (15)

Finalists for the Best of Category receive an Award of Excellence. SPC took home Awards of Excellence for pieces it submitted in the following categories:

  • Invitations—4 or more colors
  • Envelopes (x4)
  • Special Innovation Awards—Printing
  • Booklets—4 or more colors
  • Variable Data Digital Printing (x2)
  • Promotional Campaigns, Consumer ( x2)
  • Self-Mailing Unit
  • Web Press Printing, Coated Paper—4 or more colors
  • Print / Graphic Arts Self-Promotion
  • Specialty Inks or Coatings, Fragrances, or “Invisible” Printing Inks

Our Certificates of Merit (5)

Certificates of Merit are awarded for achievement of high quality in printing. SPC received Certificates of Merit for pieces it entered in the following categories:

  • Single promotional Self-Mailer
  • Variable Data Digital Printing (x2)
  • Digital Printing—Campaigns
  • Web Press Printing, Coated Paper—4 or more colors

Behind these awards (and all the projects we do) is a commitment to partnership and teamwork. Every accolade or successful campaign is the product of work alongside our great customers—and that’s the real achievement. We will strive to produce even more great work in the coming year.

If you’d like to learn more about these award-winning projects, how they’ve captured attention, added brand value for our customers, and won accolades across the industry, please contact Ryan LeFebvre at


Ryan LeFebvre
Executive Vice President of Sales

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