2023 USPS Promotions


The USPS continues to offer dramatic incentives designed to motivate marketers to try new ideas. For over a decade, it’s been a proven way to test and incorporate innovative add-ons meant to improve direct mail performance. In many cases, the postal discount that accompanies a USPS promotion along with improved performance more than offset any incremental cost of implementing the promotion.

For 2023, the USPS has introduced a new promotion and increased the discount for a few of the existing promotions. As the chart below confirms, promotions are staggered throughout the year so marketers can incorporate more than one incentive in their planning.

Let’s explore a few of the opportunities in more detail –

Tactile, Sensory, and Interactive Mail piece Engagement (February-July)

With an increased discount of 5%, this promotion rewards those who try printing on engaging papers and substrates or adding finishing techniques such as textures, pop-ups, clean release cards, and even zip strips into mail pieces to create a multi-sensory experience for the customer. Features like pop-ups, infinite folds, and other dimensional treatments will excite your customers’ senses, encourage interaction, and drive higher ROI.

Emerging Tech & Mobile Shopping (May-November)

This promotional discount ranges from 3-4% by integrating Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Voice Assistant, Near Field Communication, or Video experiences with your mail pieces. In addition, integrate a QR code or any of these technology-driven extensions to drive to a mobile-optimized shopping website for the ability to complete a transaction. When any of these tech add-ons are activated, you can be sure you’re captivating your audience for longer, making a memorable brand experience that can also be shared expanding the campaign’s reach. There are very specific requirements to qualify and the SPC team is equipped to check all the boxes while developing the strategy and executing a campaign for this promotion.

Informed Delivery (August-December)

Through the Informed Delivery Program, marketers can enhance their campaigns with this secondary digital channel—while also receiving 4% off postage. Opted-in customers interact with incoming mail and packages in one convenient online location. In addition to your marketing mail, the USPS delivers a digital extension of your campaign via a daily email notification to over 47 million subscribers. Consider it a free second touch for brand awareness, consideration, or conversion in your customer journey—a way for your target audience to immediately act. Combine a digital experience with your physical mail piece to increase engagement. There are two campaign elements: A Representative Image, and a Ride-Along Image Banner Ad that clicks through to your Campaign URL. Use this program to encourage your customers to act before offers even reach their mailbox and engage users through a synchronized multi-channel experience.

Retarget Active (September-November) – NEW FOR 2023

This is a new promotion for 2023 that incentivizes marketers to send out a postcard to a recent website or mobile app visitor that didn’t convert. This strategy bridges the connection between website or app behavior and direct mail, creating multiple touch points in your customer’s journey and bringing them further down the funnel to make a purchase.

As a reminder, you cannot qualify for more than one promotion at a time. However, you can segment your mailing audiences and test different techniques to see what delivers a bigger response. This year, we see terrific opportunities for our clients to test new ways to win. Depending on your brand and goals, some strategies make more sense than others. By using any of the USPS marketing mail promotions listed above, you can get 3%-6% off your postage cost. With our focus and expertise in direct marketing, we follow this calendar with a strategic eye as we review our clients’ future programs and goals.

Get expert guidance on identifying the USPS promotion that aligns best with your future marketing campaigns.

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