Q&A with Marion Gal, SPC’s new Human Resources Director

How did you get started in human resources and why are you so passionate about the field?

Gal: I was an undergraduate psychology major at the University of Illinois when I first learned about human resources.  Unfortunately, there was no human resources major available, so my counselor suggested that I take some human resources-related courses and I really enjoyed them. Eventually, I went to graduate school and received my Masters in Human Resources.

What I really enjoy about human resources is that it’s an opportunity to help people.  It can be a specific person struggling through a difficult situation or a more significant change that I’m able to help implement to help a larger group.

What piqued your interest in joining the SPC team? 

Gal: One reason that I was interested in joining SPC is that it’s a privately owned company.  Privately owned companies can create a more cohesive culture and take a long-term view of the business by making decisions that are best for the company and the employees rather than focusing on stockholders. I had previously worked for a privately owned company and was interested in going back to that type of company.

What do you bring to SPC?

Gal: I’ve always been good and creating and improving processes.  I hope to be able to improve the Human Resources function by standardizing many of the procedures and creating new ones.

What are some of your outside interests?

Gal: Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family.  After work my wife and I often go on walks in the neighborhood. My son has also always been active in sports so most weekends are spent traveling to one sporting event or another.

What is the best single piece of business advice you have ever received?

Gal: One of the leaders I worked with early in my career taught me that you need to look at issues from multiple perspectives and that it’s important to try and understand each of the perspectives when evaluating an issue.  This is especially true in human resources.

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