Freshly Baked & Innovative Format Trends Zoom Recap

Freshly Baked and Innovative Format Showcase

From what we’ve heard, all who attended our recent Zoom event we hosted with CADM, found a lot of value in the content. Thanks to all who joined us! If you missed it, here’s a brief recap.

Ryan LeFebvre and Beckie O’Connor shared SPC’s recipes for success from our expansive Innovative Format Library while featuring live samples from major brands experimenting with unique formats. Our special guest, Trish Witkowski, president of, provided colorful and strategic insight while highlighting a selection of creative direct mail examples during the hour-long session.

Here are some of the mailers we featured during the Format Showcase.

1. Marley Spoon Bellman, Swinger Fold Self-mailer

A self-mailer with an interactive swinger fold with two perforated cards and QR codes for an extension of the offer online.
Watch the video on the recent Fold of the Week on YouTube, hosted by Trish.

2. The Annie’s Publishing Programs, Self-mailer Series

A series of simplified mailers and with a faux pocket to house various types of freemiums, giving the brand a modern feel.

3. City of Hope/Boston Children’s Hospital, Self-mailer with Attached BRC

This same format is used for two different non-profit groups with a similar purpose, to provide a simple way for donors to donate with the enclosed BRC.

4. Autozone Loyalty Program, Fully Variable Self-mailers with Coupons

Using SPC’s digital personalization production process, this control package for Autozone includes variable loyalty program customer data to trigger which coupon versions are enclosed in the mailer.

We ended the presentation with great discussions around the variety of formats shared, recommendations on when to test certain types of formats, etc. Since the event, we’ve had very productive conversations about future programs with those who attended.

Ask your sales rep about this upcoming event, sign up for our newsletter, and keep up with SPC on our social media for future event announcements.

Beckie O’Connor
Executive Creative Director

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