A Culture Changer: Up and Running

Our latest addition, the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106, is equipped with the latest Push-to-Stop technology—allowing jobs to be autonomously changed over without operator intervention and continuing to print until the operator intervenes. Here is a look at it from its first day of running. There’s no stopping us now.

The Future is Bright

SPC Press Operator Walter loading the red ink into one of the 6 color stations on the press.


Hands Off Control

SPC Press Operator Mikey aligns the paper from the control panel while watching it through the glass pane to make sure the paper is feeding properly into the press.

Take it from the Top

With the next Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106, we stay ahead and prep for the next print run by inserting the next plate into the top of the color stations while the current plate is still in use. The press can hold up to 6 plates to be ready to roll on to the next jobs.

On the Fly

At the main control station our press team, Walter and Armando, are monitoring the CMYK density readings across the sheets throughout the print run. With the Heidelberg Speedmaster, we can make color adjustment on the fly to ensure consistency while the press is still running, keeping the jobs moving smoothly without delay.

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