You Can’t Choose Your Family, but You Can Build One

This past week our SPC sales team participated in a friendly (yet fierce) competition at the Escape Game Room in our hometown of Chicago. The sales team was dropped into an elaborate ‘world’ filled with riddles and challenges. Each team worked together to achieve a common goal in order to solve the mystery and escape the room. Outings like this really illustrate the family environment we try to cultivate at SPC. Why is an open family environment important? I truly believe it is one of the significant keys to organizational success and an enjoyable work atmosphere. I have worked in mostly large corporate environments which are often impersonal and feel like they lack something. The family approach at SPC is truly refreshing.

Like many who work in an office setting, I’ve previously been subject to the mandatory team building exercises. Typically the announcement invokes a collective eye roll and group assumption that the activity, picnic or party will ultimately be unoriginal and uninspiring. Despite this bad reputation, good team building work has been shown to enhance working relationships. This trend isn’t new, but it is definitely one of the tools in the SPC tool box.

After this particular outing, I noticed subtle (yet important) differences in our work dynamic. We were more engaged with each other the next day. Our team seemed more open to conversation and planning. Even a small uptick in the quality of collaboration can add up to huge productivity gains. Improving teamwork, communication, problem solving, strategic planning and overall quality of relationships creates a work environment that breeds success. This success will translate to greater achievements as a company, and ultimately more success for our customers. I am a strong believer in the idea that a company is made up of people first. Capabilities come second, and grow out of those great people. If your people are a family, your company will be unstoppable.


Brooke Pertner
Strategic Accounts Executive

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