2019 USPS Postage Pricing Proposed: Average 2.5% Increase

Marketers can take a deep breath for now, as we’ve received official information on upcoming postage pricing increases. The proposed postage increase request submitted by the USPS has been presented as an inflation-based price adjustment that won’t go into effect until January 27, 2019. The average increase will be approximately 2.5%.  Individual rate category increases vary.

The USPS has not yet provided information regarding mailing promotions for 2019, but with the recent confirmation of two new members to the USPS Board of Governors, general industry expectations are that it will do so next year.

The USPS continues to narrow the pricing gap between origin-entered and drop-shipped mail. That means that one of the highest rate increases is for SCF-entered Marketing Mail letters—with a 3.64% increase for 5 digit automated letters and a 4.12% increase for AADC automated letters.

Other key points of the upcoming rate increase:

  • These price changes are effective January 27, 2019
  • First Class Letters weighing less than one ounce will increase from $.50 to $.55
  • Presorted First Class Letters will increase by an average of .87%
  • First Class Domestic Postcards will remain at $.35
  • SCF entered 5 Digit Automated Marketing Letters will increase from $.220 to $.228

SPC understands the significance of postage on direct marketing budgets. Discuss with us how to lessen the impact of this postage increase by using 4 color variable print, tabled laser copy, commingle, co-palletization or destination entry mail delivery.


Randy Weiler
Director Postal Affairs and Logistics

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