Increase ROI with SPCFuel Custom Kitting

What exactly is kitting?

At SPCFuel, we know kitting like the backs of our hands. Kitting, or co-packaging, is a technique where a product or products are assembled with other elements and sent to a consumer to advertise a business. It can be promotional materials or physical products. Statistics show that kitting is often one of the most effective marketing techniques because it drives both immediate engagement and long-term brand loyalty.

To be effective, the importance of order accuracy and transparency between brands and their kitting partner is paramount.  We’ve developed a fully integrated tracking system that follows an order from initial capture to delivery. Customers trust SPCFuel to fulfill their orders in a timely and efficient way.

SPCFuel is also a leading provider of variable print production that enables us to customize each package to the individual. The results are stronger engagement, deeper perceived relationships between consumers and brands, and a greater overall campaign response rate.

How Will Kitting Help Your Company?

Any size business can benefit from a well-planned kitting program. It helps small companies introduce themselves to new clients while building brand awareness. Large companies utilize kitting to onboard new employees, convert prospects at events, welcome new customers with timely information or benefits, send holiday gifts, etc. Smart and cost-effective ideas are endless. This strategy can work for any industry, from mom-and-pop shops to insurance companies, health care, travel, retail, and even automotive.

A perfect example for auto insurance companies is welcome kits for new policyholders that include small safety items like an ice scraper for those cold icy mornings. The automotive industry may include personalized literature for upcoming maintenance or unique promotions tied to the specific vehicle, or artwork or desktop replica of their new car.

Kitting also offers a chance to get to know your customers better and vice versa. Sending kits to current customers sends them the message that you care. This a great way to extend brand awareness through the long-term use of your promotional gift.

Let SPCFuel Help Build the Right Kitting Program

SPCFuel now offers more under one roof as your needs expand from direct mail to personalized kits or product fulfillment. Our fulfillment operation works with you from strategy to creative and sourcing to fully-integrated order capture, processing, and print-on-demand digital integration, allowing orders to be processed in an efficient, highly secure & accurate environment. With substantial warehouse space and competitive shipping prices, we can build a program to meet any operational scale.

Contact SPCFuel today to see how we can increase your ROI.

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