Increase ROI with Personalized Fulfillment

The use of promotional merchandise is a time-tested, powerful and effective marketing strategy. Statistics show that it is often one of the most effective marketing techniques. Start-ups, large businesses, institutions, and nonprofits all utilize personalized welcome and swag kits as a powerful brand-building method.

Use of branded promotional products helps drive more sales as well. Brands have seen upwards of 20% lift in sales after sending personalized literature describing the product.

What is Personalized Fulfillment?

Personalized fulfillment is the process of creating personalized printed material to accompany stock items stored in inventory. Custom print templates and rules-based automation merge variable content and deliver files directly to press. Simultaneously, the order information routes to a warehouse management system that identifies the location of the stock inventory. Trained production leads then match the print material to the stock inventory and verify quality and accuracy. Finally, the orders ship same day or next day depending on complexity.

Personalized Welcome and Swag Kits are Becoming the Standard

There are many ways that marketers are using these welcome and swag kits to build their brands. Sending them to employees, vendors, prospects, and customers is becoming a preferred advertising method. Uses for digital personalized kits include:

  • Onboarding New Employees
  • Engaging with Remote Employees
  • Employee Awards & Recognition
  • Employee Safety & Wellness Programs
  • Converting Prospects at Events
  • Welcoming New Customers
  • Rewarding Your Best Customers
  • Customer, Vendor, and Employee Incentive Programs
  • Holiday Gifts for Customers, Vendors, and Employees

SPC Can Help Start the Process

Whatever your industry or market, SPC has the experience you need to create and efficiently fulfill orders for personalized promotional products and swag kits.


NGOs and other nonprofit organizations use personalized swag kits successfully to promote awareness of the organizations’ social causes and generate donations.

The education industry has various uses for digitally printed personalized kits. Schools and Universities use welcome and swag kits for students, alumni, teachers, and graduation events.We can help guide you on the most effective way to start this process.

The entertainment industry uses digital printing for personalized logos on giveaways and contests. This can be used for movies, music, and sports brands that want to enhance their promotional products.

Doctors, Lawyers, CPAs, Insurance Companies, and Financial institutions send welcome and swag kits that have been personalized with their branding. Many custom items include office supplies and desk accessories for business professionals to place in their personalized kits.

The food industry includes many types of retail businesses, restaurants, and bars. They send personalized, digitally printed welcome and swag kits that include items like kitchenware, cutlery, unique gift sets and more. Let us put our experience to work for you by designing the perfect welcome or swag kits with your company information digitally printed for custom product personalization.

Financial institutions use customized welcome and swag kits for customer relations, brand building, and marketing efforts.

Realtors, real estate appraisers, and inspectors are building long-lasting relationships, which is critical to success in this industry, with digitally printed personalized swag and welcome kits providing their information.

Hospitality and travel brands like hotels, motels, resorts, travel agents, tour companies have been taking advantage of the benefits that customized, digitally imprinted merchandise in specialty swag and welcome kits provide. There are so many items that can be personalized in this category that your company can use, including your own products.

One of the fastest-growing markets includes health and fitness. This industry can easily leverage swag and welcome kits to build loyalty and referrals.

Is it Time to Leverage Digitally Printed Personalized Welcome and Swag Kits?

Using an experienced co-packing and fulfillment center like SPC can be more cost-effective because of the discounts and buying advantages we can provide through relationships we have built over the years. Our team can quickly analyze your current process and provide recommendations for increased ROI. We will work closely with you to create the most effective campaign for your budget.

Contact SPC today for personalized welcome and swag kits with digital printing for increased ROI.

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