Supply Chains Continue to Tighten, and Freight Costs from Overseas Continue to Increase

Effective June 21, FedEx has instituted additional peak surcharges on some residential ground packages by $.30 per package, which could impact your fulfillment shipping costs. UPS also added surcharges to certain international shipments.

Our previous blog, “Getting The Best Shipping Rates for E-Commerce,” is more prevalent than ever… so is choosing the right shipper since all major shippers are experiencing delivery issues since the pandemic.

Choose the right shipper

Now more than ever, it’s critical to choose the right shipper depending on the shipment’s makeup. Customers don’t want to hear, nor do they care, why their customers’ shipment has been delayed.

Choosing the right fulfillment service is critical

SPC’s Dynamic Fulfillment Center strives to ensure all orders get processed within 24 hours and has all the tools and technology to choose the best shipper based upon weights, dimensions, and geographical destination.

In addition to all the technological bells and whistles, we offer all our clients very competitive and discounted shipping rates.

If you feel that there is room for improvement for both fulfillment services and shipping rates, please call us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Hal Cohen
Fulfillment Specialist

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